Equipment information

Each coach should have an equipment bag with the following items:

  • 5 soccer balls, correct size for your grade level
  • 10 flat cones
  • 10 tall cones
  • first aid kit
  • pump
  • pinnies

Pugg goals are used in GK, G1 and G2 only.  Each coach at these levels should have 2 pugg goals. After you complete your last G2 season, please return the Puggs to the equipment coordinator.

Replacement supplies are always available from the equipment coordinator.  

At the end of each season, you may keep your equipment if you are returning to coach the next season.  Returning coaches can restock their bag prior to the next season, including new or replacement soccer balls if you are moving to a larger ball size.

If you are not returning to coach, then please return your gear to the equipment coordinator.

Reminder that game formats and ball size by grade are:

2nd (G2) 4v4  Size 3 ball

3rd–4th (G3-G4) 7v7 Size 4 ball

5th–6th (G5-G6) 9v9 Size 4 ball

7th–8th (G7-G8) 11v11 Size 5 ball

HS Coed Rec 11v11 Size 5 ball