COVID-19 Information for Spring 2021


Please click the link below to visit our COVID-19 page.  Summary information and our Return-to-Play document can be found on this page.

COVID-19 Page

The WSC spring recreational soccer league is now allowing 2 spectators per participant.  This policy applies to games for all clubs in THJSL.   For WSC teams, spectators at practice are allowed.

As we implement this new policy, starting Tuesday  April 13, the 4 pillars of our safety program remain unchanged:

1. Only completely healthy individuals attend soccer events.  Stay home if you are sick.

2. Everyone wears a face covering at all times, with no exceptions. 

3. Maintain social distance of at least 6 feet from people outside your household.  This rule applies as you walk to the field, as you watch the practice/game and as you return to your car.

4. Obey the spectator policy, which is now 2 spectators per player.   Spectators may only be in the designated area, away from the players and coaches.

There are also two new items that we need to observe:

5. Where portable restrooms are provided, participants (players, coaches, referees) must use the participant restroom and spectators must use the spectator restroom.  If there is only 1 restroom, then it is for the participants only.

6. THPRD has provided maps that show the spectator path to the field, the location of the spectator area, and the path away from the field.  Please use this link to find the map for your field.

COVID monitors and THPRD staff will be at fields helping people to understand the requirements.  Please make their job easy by complying with all the above requirements.  Always wear your face covering and make the spacing from other households very obvious.

Parent volunteers as COVID monitors are critical to our success.  If you are able to volunteer, please notify your team’s head coach.

Two important things to know about the new policy:

1. This policy applies to THPRD fields only.  For games at Cook Park in Tigard, there are no restrictions on spectators outside the fence surrounding the fields.  I encourage everyone to wear a face covering and social distance, but COVID monitors will not be enforcing rules outside the fence.  Consult with the COVID monitor from the Tigard team to understand if spectators are allowed inside the fence.

2. The policy can change at any time.  If Washington County returns to high risk, the policy may change.

I would like everyone to take the attitude that their own child getting to play soccer depends on everyone following all the COVID rules.  Please wear a mask and social distance from other households.  Your own child’s season depends on it.


Registration is Closed

Registration is Closed

Registration is CLOSED

for the Spring 2021 season with Westside Soccer Club


Please watch for updates for Fall 2021!


Questions? Please send us an email at

THPRD Residency Requirement

THPRD Residency Requirement

All players participating with Westside Soccer Club must have a current THPRD account and THPRD ID number to register for the season. Players that reside outside of the THPRD boundaries will need to pay the THPRD out-of-district assessment fee for the season.

To verify in-district or out-of-district residency status, please visit

or call the THPRD Athletic Center, 503-629-6330 for more information.

**The "out of district" assessment fee is administered, collected and monitored by THPRD, not Westside Soccer Club. This fee is in addition to your registration fee with Westside Soccer Club and is set by the THPRD district. The fee schedule is listed on the website posted above, or you may call their information line for questions***



Club Uniforms

WSC Uniform

All Westside Soccer Club players (with the exception of Micro players) must wear a Westside Soccer Club uniform. Uniforms include a jersey, a pair of shorts and one pair of socks. Uniforms may be purchased at:

Tursi's Soccer
8805 SW Canyon Lane
Portland, OR

Tursi's Soccer

Tursi's Soccer