Spring 2022 Updates

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Westside Soccer families -- 

Thank you for participating in our 2022 spring league.  I would like to especially thank our volunteer coaches.  The coaches are the most important people in making this league run well. The season could not have happened without you. 

I also want to thank the players and parents for having respectful behavior this season toward the players and referees.  Reports of unsporting behavior were way down compared to 2021.

Thanks also for a few people’s hard work and everyone’s flexibility in dealing with the wet field conditions this spring.

Fall Registration:  Registration is now open for Fall 2022 recreational soccer on our website at www.westsidesoccerclub.com.  

Volunteer opportunities: Westside soccer is always looking for new volunteers.  If you are interested in being an Age group coordinator (especially at the K or 1st grade level) or helping with our board, please contact me.

COVID:  Covid is still a concern for our community, but thankfully we had relatively few cases this spring among our players and coaches.  Thanks to those who reported their cases.

Photos for website:  If you have a photo you would like to see on our website, please send to me.  By submitting, you are giving permission for the photo to appear on the website.

Equipment return:  Coaches, please read the equipment return email sent out by Bill Kanable and act accordingly.

Thanks for playing soccer and have a great summer. See you in the fall!

Karl Meyer

Westside Soccer President

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WSC families --

Welcome to our spring 2022 soccer season.  Below is much of the information that you need, so please read carefully.  If you still have questions, contact our office at westsidesoccerinfo@gmail.com.

Teams have been formed and G2-G8 teams are now available to be viewed on the Demosphere app.  Kinder and 1st grade teams will be available soon, so please check the app every couple days until you see them.  Coaches should be contacting all families within 1 week from now.  If you have not heard from your coach by the middle of March you can send an email to westsidesoccerinfo@gmail.com to find out about your team.

COVID policy

Face coverings are not required, but anyone is allowed to wear a face covering if they chose.  We will generally follow the COVID procedures of the Beaverton School District and OYSA.  See our website at www.westsidesoccerclub.com for more details.  Most importantly, stay home if you are not feeling well.  Please note that COVID policies can change at any time based on the prevalence of the virus in our community and guidance from our governing bodies.

Practice Schedule

Practices start the week of March 28.  Each team practices once per week.  Your head coach will notify you about your team's practice schedule. 

Game Schedule

Games start on Saturday April 2.  The game schedule will be posted about 1-2 weeks prior to the start of games.  Your head coach will notify you about your game schedule.


Kindergarten and 1st grade: Players will get their uniform directly from their coach.

Grade 2 through Grade 8: Uniform is the Westside kit that can be purchased at Tursi's.  Westside Rec – Tursi Soccer Store (tursissoccer.com)  It's OK to re-use G2-G8 uniforms from previous seasons.  If you need a new one, please do not wait until the last minute.

Remember that no jewelry is allowed to be worn by players during games.

Behavior at Games

In the fall 2021 season, we had several instances of coaches or parents behaving in a way that is inappropriate for a youth soccer game.  We expect all players, parents and coaches to conduct themselves in the best manner possible.  Please use only positive and encouraging comments when at the games.

Westside Soccer Club does not tolerate any form of physical abuse, sexual abuse, bullying or harassment. Any such issues will result in disciplinary action.

There is currently a shortage of referees.  We must treat the referees with respect at all times.  We cannot afford to lose referees because they are being yelled at by coaches or parents.

That’s all for now.  Have a great season.

Por favor, responda a mí si desea recibir este mensaje en español.

Karl Meyer, WSC president

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Familias de WSC-

Bienvenidos a nuestra temporada de primavera de fútbol 2022. Abajo esta mucho de la información que vas a necesitar, así que por favor leerlo con cuidado. Si tienes más preguntas puedes mandarlos a westsidesoccerinfo@gmail.com

Reglamentos de COVID

Los cubre-bocas no son requeridas, pero todos son permitidos de usar uno si escojan a hacerlo. Para casos positivos y contagios, vamos a seguir los procedimientos del distrito escolar de Beaverton y OYSA. Visita nuestro sitio de web www.westsidesoccerclub.com para más detalles. Por favor notar que los reglamentos de COVID pueden cambiar a cualquier momento dependiendo de casos en nuestro comunidad y direcciones de nuestro gobernador. 

Orario de practicas

Practicas van a comenzar la semana del 28 de marzo. Cada equipo practica una vez por semana. Su entrenador principal va a darte el orario de practicas para su equipo. Si no has recibido información de su entrenador despues de la mitad de marzo puedes mandar un correo electrónico a westsidesoccerinfo@gmail.com para obtener más información sobre su equipo.

Orario de partidos

Los partidos comienzan en sábado, el 2 de abril. El oriario de partidos va a ser publicado 1-2 semanas antes de el comienzo de partidos. Su entrenador principal te va a notificar sobre el orario de sus partidos. 


Kinder y primer grado: Jugedores van a recibir su uniforme directamente de su entrenador.

Grados 2-8: Uniforme es el kit de Westside que se puede comprar en Tursi’s. Westside Rec- Tursi Soccer Store (tursisoccer.com) Esta bien usar los uniformes (de grados 2 hasta 8) de temporadas anteriores. Si necesitas un nuevo uniforme, por favor no esperas al ultimo momento.

Recuerda que no se permite los juguedores usar joyería durante los partidos.

Comportamiento durante los partidos

Durante la temporada de otoño de 2021, teníamos multiples instancias de entrenadores o padres actuando en una manera que es inappropriado para un partido de fútbol de jovenes. Esperamos que todos los juguedores, entrenadores, y padres comportan en la mejor manera posible. Por favor usa solamente comentarios positivos durante los partidos. 

Westside Soccer Club no tolera ningún tipo de abuso fisical ó sexual, acoso o molestia. Cualquiera de estas acciones van a resultar en acciones disciplinarios. 

En este momento hay una falta de árbitros. Necesitamos tratar a los árbitros con respeto a todos tiempos. No podemos perder árbitros porque fueron acosados por entrenadores o padres.

Herramientas de comunicación

Recomiendo que los entrenadores y padres usan el app Demosphere en sus teléfonos. Se puede usar este app para ver la lista de jugadores, eventos, y mandar correos electrónicos. 

Esto es todo para ahora. Ten una temporada fantástica. 

Karl Meyer, presidente del WSC

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Registration for Spring 2022 is OPEN at:


If you have already registered, please disregard this email.

Any COVID protocols will be determined just prior to the start of the season.

If you will be paying by check or need a paper registration form, please email the office at westsidesoccerinfo@gmail.com for assistance. Player registration is not complete and teams will not be assigned until payment is received. Placement requests will be honored if possible but are not guaranteed.

Interested in Coaching? Please see Coaches Information and register as a Volunteer for the Spring 2022 season.

Questions?  Please contact the office at westsidesoccerinfo@gmail.com or call (503) 352-0180. Emails/voicemails received Mon/Thurs 11a-2p will be returned that day. Messages received outside of those hours will have a delayed response.